Why the wheat?

Through mistakes, misfortunes, and merriment, I’ve learned how to live in the moment and turn my eyes away from miseries and look for miracles. They are everywhere. I’m amazed at God’s love, and I love sharing stories of it through my blog. I once heard Madonna say during an interview, while explaining her fascination with a particular religious practice and why she felt compelled to talk about it incessantly, that, “I believe I’ve been enlightened. And it’s my obligation to share that enlightenment with others.”

Well put, Madonna. I’m right there with you. When God grants me some new revelation, inspires me to write a poem,¬†teaches me a much-needed lesson, or reminds me of His love through the kindness of one of His children, I feel it necessary to share it with others rather than keep it to myself.

Just as wheat is threshed and winnowed to remove the chaff from the grain, I prefer to focus on what matters–just the wheat–rather than what doesn’t, on what’s good rather than what’s not. I hope you’ll find my posts to reflect this theme and provide you with just the good stuff–just wheat–to mull over.

3 thoughts on “Why the wheat?

  1. This is really cool! I’m liking your blogs! Thank you for sharing!!! May God bless you in return for getting these thoughts out there for others to benefit from. I’ve learned alot about seed time and harvest that goes hand in hand with life. Everything follows His plans and cycles whether we realize it or not. And I think that you sharing these insights that He gives you is planting seeds. I pray that the harvest that you receive from it will be sevenfold!


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